“Lose the tie and kick one back.”

At Griffin Ranch Micro Distillery, we celebrate our American hero, the Cowboy. Hard work, dedication, honesty and loyalty aren’t just words. They are a way of life.

Rounds of research and mixin’ brought us to our own, good ol’ tanglefoot, recipe. Our whiskey started with a base of three distinct components: clean water, grain and wood for barrels, following tradition of the frontier saloons. Our barkeeps threw in their own ingredients, distilled it in small batches and the smoky aromas with a brown- sugar, husky finish was created. Our golden- amber whiskey is distilled in barrels saddled up in Swisher, Iowa at the Griffin Ranch Micro Distillery.

Located just minutes south of Cedar Rapids and north of Iowa City, Griffs Micro Distillery is located at the Cedar Ridge Vineyards complex on Highway 965. Head your horse our direction and try out our bonafide Cowboy Whiskey or Cedar Ridge’s other spirits. If you’re more of a townie, head on over to your local grocery or liquor store. Saddle up!


Griff”s Cowboy Whiskey is 40% ABV